Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl!

It is hard to believe that our "baby" is 3 years old today. I wanted to post a few pictures of her in her birthday glory over the past 3 years!! We are so blessed and lucky to have such a sweet, caring little girl. We love you Lily!!

1st official BIRTH day - 1st night in hospital - November 3, 2005

1st Birthday - November 3, 2006

2nd birthday - November 3, 2007

3rd Birthday - November 3, 2008


Tracy said...

awww...such sweet pictures of Lily. She's such a "smiley" girl. Happy Birthday Lily!

Running Jen said...

What a cute little girl she is. Hope she had a great birthday!

Caren said...

I know you haven't blogged in a month Sissy but I tagged you with a Christmas Meme to get you back on track again...come check it out at my blog...please...

Anonymous said...

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