Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more introductions

I really don't know how I could forget to introduce some other members of our family.....some furry members!! I know most people reading will know all about them but I figured you never know who will stumble across this blog. In addition to a 2 1/2 year old little girl we also have 4, yes 4, furry kitty cats. Their names are Annie, Colby, Jack, and Megan. I feel a little sad today. I was looking through my pictures to find some to post of our cats and sure enough EVERY picture is of Lily. I can't seem to scrounge up many of the cats on my computer anymore. I managed to find one of Colby and one of Annie AND Lily so I will attempt posting them at first. I will work on getting some of Jack and Megan later this week!

Here is Colby, the Troublemaker

and Annie, the extra large 18 pounder!

So there are 2 of the family cats. More to come on them in the future, I am sure!

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