Monday, June 30, 2008

Our little girl, Lily

Since the cats got their lengthy introduction I felt Lily needed a little more said about her....

Lily is 2 1/2 and a bundle of fun and energy! She came into our lives on November 3rd, 2005 and since then she has made our lives complete. Her personality is fun, sweet and rambunctious at times. She also tends to be a bit of a Drama Queen and on occasion, shy. Lately she seems to be blossoming out of her shy shell and talks to EVERYONE when we are out and about. (But don't try to hug her or pick her up, right Uncle J??!!) I always tell people she talks from the minute she wakes up until the minute she goes to sleep. Seriously she talks all day long!

Some of her likes are playing at the park, music, Fisher Price Little People and most especially her doll Abby. So far this summer she has LOVED anything to do with water - the pool, fountain at the park, slides and water areas at Sesame Place.
Life with Lily can be exhausting but it is the best job in the world!!!

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