Saturday, September 6, 2008


I know that summer is officially over and a lot of you are back to work and back to school. A lot of you are probably longing for the beach or the pool! I don't mean to make you sad but I want to take a look back at one of our favorite summer memories of our day at the beach.

We really had the perfect day. The weather was flawless, not a cloud in the sky. Lily was happy and so good the whole day, even without a nap. We are so happy we decided to take the day to go because we all had a great time and the memories will last forever.

Lily LOVED the beach. We weren't sure how she would react to getting a bit dirty but she got used to it right away. She was right in there digging and playing. She had sand from head to toe!

Building our sand castle.

Here she is a little unsure of how messy she is getting!

A walk to the water.

Daddy buried her feet and legs in the sand!!

Running around chasing after Daddy.

After our day at the beach we got cleaned up and headed to the Boardwalk. We rode the carousel and Lily checked out some other little rides.

We had a YUMMY dinner at the famous Mack & Manco pizza on the boardwalk. It was to die for! We felt so bad Lily couldn't enjoy it too (because of her milk allergy) but we weren't going to miss out on it! She didn't mind!

Some pictures of our night on the boardwalk.

Lily got a special treat of some Polish water ice - another yummy boardwalk favorite! She loved it!

My favorite picture of the day.

And fast asleep on the way home.

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at our summer day at the beach. Now I sit here typing this on the gloomiest, rainy day and wish I was back there again!! Oh well...there's always next summer.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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