Monday, September 1, 2008


Nope! Not today!

For all of my regular Monday readers I tricked you didn't I??? For any new readers, I usually post my progress of my house we are building on Mondays. I decided that since today is a holiday I would postpone it until tomorrow. So check back tomorrow to see that!

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures from our day at Pop-pop's house yesterday. We had a nice time. Lily had a lot of fun. She played in the little pool and the water table in the back yard. They were both a big hit.

She has been into posing for pictures lately. She requested to take this on our way out the door. So of course I didn't argue. I think it would have been a better picture if the sun wasn't facing the way it was. There are too many shadows on her face. I still need to do some work on my photography skills! Oh well! That is her best doll Abby she is holding.

Here she is playing in the pool. FUN!

And another time where she was very eager to pose for a picture - I am loving this! She really wanted a picture with Pop-pop. I think it turned out cute!

So it has been a pretty uneventful but nice weekend. Unfortunately Matt had to work a lot and his weekend on-call ended up being VERY busy. Poor guy!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Good luck as all of the kids start Back to School!!!

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Caren said...

Cute as ever! I kind of like the shadows on her face, it adds interest. Hope you had a good day. We spent our day at the Kennett hoo... our last day!