Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

Just a quick post because Matt is making me feel guilty that I have been "blog slacking".

I hope everyone is enjoying a fun holiday weekend! Ours has not been too eventful. Matt is on-call the whole weekend and his day today was quite hectic. Lily and I got to meet some friends at Peddler's Village (LOVE that place!). We did some rides and had lunch. Of course I made the regular stop at the bakery for some "Electric Bread"!! I got some for you Daddy! :)

We had another showing on our house tonight. There is some interest from one of the couples who came through last week. They are planning on coming back with their parents next week. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Tomorrow we will be going to Pop-pop's house for some fun in the pool and hamburgers for dinner. I am trying to get in as many summer activities as possible for Lily since it is coming to an end this weekend.

I am finding this last part of August to be a little difficult since it was last year at this time when my Mom starting showing signs that something was not right. September was a bad month last year....I know it is going to be a hard month coming up. I am so thankful that our family has each other. I just miss her so much.

I hope everyone enjoys their final summer days with family and friends!! Get in one last barbecue, one last swim, one last picnic in the park, one last beach day!! Enjoy!


Caren said...

I miss her too. I know we all do. I'll be writing a similar thing in my blog soon for sure. Love you.

Kate :) said...

Your Mom was an extraordinary woman. I miss her very much. I know how proud she is of you and your family. You are an amazing Mom, woman and friend!!

I love you,