Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's compare......

It has been a pretty slow weekend here. Matt had to work all weekend since he is on-call. Lily and I did a couple of errands and trips to the park both on Saturday and Sunday before the rain started. No action on the selling of this house at all. I continue to get discouraged when there are no showings but I am trying to remain positive and remember we still have time!

Matt and I have been so proud of our little girl over the past two weeks. She is really growing up. Thinking about it today I started to get sentimental. What happened to that little baby?? It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and now she is almost 3! WOW!! She is getting so big and behaving so nicely lately. We are proud of her. I was thinking about summers past and thought it would be fun to do a photo comparison.

Summer of 2006

Summer of 2007

Summer 2008
How neat is it to see that?

I know it sounds so cliche and everyone says it but they really do grow up way too fast. Anyway, she is a lot of fun at the age she is now and I am excited to see her grow and learn more everyday. I still miss those baby days though!

I have been struggling for some exciting posts this week and weekend. I hope you liked my photo comparison. I have been venturing out into the "blogosphere" and have found a lot of GREAT decorating blogs. I really can't wait to get into my new house so I can start posting some fun decorating things that I will be doing. I am getting some great ideas! There are a lot of creative people out there in Blogland!

So for now enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back tomorrow for my new house Progress Update!

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