Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a little more time left....

Just a short amount of days left and we will be saying goodbye to summer. It really has gone quickly hasn't it?? I am looking forward to the fall but it is always sad to see the summer come to an end.

We have been busy trying to get as many summer activities in as possible. Today we spent the morning at a pool with a couple of friends that I used to teach with. The one little boy was born on the same day as Lily and they will be going to school together in just a couple of weeks. Lily had a lot of fun. Here they are kicking on the side of the pool!! Ha! It was funny when they all lined up to do this. I had to get a picture.

All lined up!

And of course the highlight of any summer day at the pool....THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!! Lily chose a blue Icee pop!! Cool!

Last weekend we had a fun summer day at The Grange Fair. We met our friends and their two little boys. A lot of neat animals and some YUMMY Kettle Corn.

Looking at the goats!

Matt took this picture and we think she looks so pretty in it! OK - maybe we are biased but oh well, here it is!

Petting the bunny.

TRACTORS! Notice Lily sneaking under the rope! She wanted to go on them so badly.

Thankfully they had some tractors the kids could go on. Here they are with the Daddies.

And a final cute picture of the two good friends!! (They will soon be our neighbors also! We are so excited!)

All of these summer activities have been so much fun. It is really neat to see Lily enjoying these types of things more and more as she gets older. Tomorrow we have another exciting day planned - BEACH DAY!! Lily has been talking about going to the beach all summer long and we are finally going to get to go. She is looking forward to it. Her favorite book right now is Beach Day so we have been reading it everyday in anticipation of actually going! I am sure I will have some good pictures to share of our trip!

Go check out some more summer fun at this post on City Momma/Country Momma's blog - Down By the Bay. Really cute pictures of my nephew enjoying the beach and other summer stuff!

Hope everyone has a fun summer weekend!! ENJOY!


Caren said...

Of course she looks pretty in that picture...she looks pretty in every picture! Duh...

I am NOT looking forward to fall and not happy that summer is ending. Boo hoo!

myska said...

What great summer memories! My summer ended 2 weeks ago as we went in for 2 weeks of in service sessions. Kids come on Monday. I am excited and apprehensive! First day jitters are not just for the kids!