Monday, August 11, 2008

Progress 7

Not much happening on the outside of the house this past week again. They finished the first layers before the stucco goes on but still haven't started the stucco.

Here is a picture of how it looked yesterday. Basically the same as it did at the end of last week!

Here is the stone all ready for them to start. We are thinking they may start adding the stone this week.

They did do a lot of work inside. The whole house is now insulated and ready for dry-wall.

Insulation in the garage! Exciting, huh??

A pretty neat picture of our bath tub in the master bath.

Since I have been all about photo comparisons lately I thought it would be cool to see the transformation since May.

Here is the lot in May with just the foundation done.

Here is the beginning of the framing at the end of June.

And then August!! Amazing how fast it all goes.

On a sadder looks like our perspective neighbors are no longer. Apparently it fell through. We are not really sure what that means but we were disappointed to hear it. We were excited because they had young children and we were looking forward to nice neighbors. Right now we are the only house on that side of the development. We are just the beginning of Phase 2 so I am sure in time there will be many more people coming. However we will be living in a construction area for a while!!

Here is a picture of the house that will be up for a "Quick Sale" as the builder calls it. Anyone in the market for a brand new home in Bucks County?? We would love to have some nice, new neighbors!!!


Running Jen said...

I'll take the house! Looks gorgeous, and I just love PA!

Your house is coming out great, you must be so excited to only have a few months left to go!

Kimba said...

I love seeing pictures of the progress on your house. It's going to be stunning!

I painted the urn with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in satin black. It's my new favorite spray paint. It goes on so smooth and it's only $2.50 a can at Wal-mart. It looks more shiny in the picture than it does in real life though.

Marie said...

Your house is going to be GORGEOUS!! I love watching the progress. What fun!