Friday, August 1, 2008

August already?

Hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the summer. August! Wow! Can you believe it? It always seems that once the 4th of July passes the summer just flies on by. In some ways we are all excited to see the summer end so that fall can come and we can move into our new house. Other days it is sad to see the long, warm days end. The end of summer also means we are one step closer to Lily's 3rd birthday. We can't believe that she will 3 already. As Matt said the other night, "It's just not right!". :) Time just goes so quickly.

This week has been an eventful one in some ways and uneventful in others. Unfortunately we have not had any showings this week so no progress with that. The contractor did come in to look at the spiral staircase for one possible buyer but no word on that yet. We will probably hear more about that next week.

We had our pre dry wall walk thru today and that went well. It was really neat to see all of the electrical wiring done already. They will start doing the dry wall later next week. It has gone so quickly. Stay tuned for Monday's post with pics of the progress from the past week.

On an exciting note, our very stubborn and determined little girl decided this week she was ready to start to go on the potty. Now, we are by NO MEANS potty trained but it is progress. Until this week she was in tears with the words "potty" or "big girl pants" so things are definitely moving in the right direction. She has gone a number of times and continues to show a lot of interest. YAY!! Our big girl is growing up!

So, as August begins I hope everyone savors the last precious moments of summer and gets ready for the cooler fall days ahead. I know we are excited to see the changing of the leaves in our new backyard and to buy a pumpkin for our front step. But...we won't rush things yet. Still more time for the pool and the beach! ENJOY!


myska said...

It seems odd to read of cooler days ahead when we are hitting 100 degrees down here in Texas! We won't see cooler temps until well into October or November, if then! Sometimes, we get Fall color around Christmas! But we do not have to contend with snow or ice except occassionally! Have a good week!

MIchele said...

Great news about the potty training progress! Go Lily:)

Running Jen said...

Great news about the potty training, I was so glad when my daughter finally did it. You'll be moving into your new house at a perfect time of year, with the nice fall weather, changing leaves, etc.

I grew up in NY, and now that I live in FL, it's hard to get used to cooler weather not happening until October! Around then is when we finally get out of the 90's, and into the 80's with lower humidity! That is our "cooler" weather of fall.