Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Girls Night Out Therapy Session

So, all of you girls out there and Moms and stay-at-home-Moms know what I am talking about when I say how wonderful a night out with the girls can be. It is like a little therapy session and a rejuvenating for your soul!!

I was fortunate to have a night out with my best girl friends last night. I have a great group of girl friends. There are 5 of us total. We are all Mommies to children ranging from ages 5 years -6 weeks. We really have a lot in common. We have been friends for a while now and we cherish the times we get to see each other with kids and also without!!

So what is so special about a Girls Night Out you might ask?! Or like Matt, you might say "What did you talk about all night!?" OK - here are a few things I think the 5 of us would agree are reasons why a night out with the girls is much needed and enjoyable!

~ We get to get dressed and ready to go somewhere special. Even if it is just to a casual restaurant or to someones house it is so much different than the park, a play date, or errands. We get to make ourselves feel pretty for once!! :)

~ Traveling without a diaper bag or tons of stuff in tow. No extra sippy cups, toys, crayons for coloring at the get the idea.

~ We get to enjoy a meal in PEACE!! No having to cut up food before eating our own. No whining toddler chanting "get down? get down?". No mess to clean up afterwards! Just ourselves to worry about!

~ We have wonderful conversation and catch up on what we have all been up to. What do we talk about - well, just about everything. Family, kids, friends, vacations, decorating, babies, having more babies, kids activities, kids going to school, potty training...I could go on and on!

~ Just some time away from everyday life! (No offense Husbands - we love you dearly - you know what we mean!!)

~On occasion we get to act silly and maybe just harmlessly flirt a little with the cute foreign waiter at The Cheesecake Factory. :) HA HA!

Last night was a fun night out although our one dear friend was unable to make it. Guess we will be having to plan another night out soon?? We even got to venture to TWO different restaurants last night because the power went off in the first and we REALLY needed dessert!!

Here is the 4 of us at restaurant #1

And our second stop at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a really nice waiter here that was very eloquently describing the flavor of a particular raspberry cheesecake....we all liked him a lot! :)

S0, there is nothing quite like a Girls Night Out and most importantly - nothing like friends like you girls!! I had a great night last night. You girls are the best!! Can't wait until next time.


Caren said...

Amen to that Sister! You can have another girls' night if you want to drive out here for a Good Old Fashioned Scrapbooking To Do on Friday!

Kate said...

I love it! What a terrific time we had. The "flirting" story is hard to tell, but it will definitely be remembered by this friend for a very long time. Jeannine, thanks for the really good laugh!

Cathy, I really love your blog. It makes me smile!

Love ya,

Cathy said...

Thanks Kate! I am glad you like it. Keep coming back! :)

Michele said...

Good friends, good times!

Yes, thanks Jeannine for a classic story. I think we made that waiter's night!

I can't believe how well that picture turned out in the dark!

Can't wait for next time :)

myska said...

How true your points be! Now you need to do a WOW! My group of female family and friends do this once or twice a year. It stands for Women Only Weekend, noone under 18 allowed. We pick a place, usually a bed and breakfast or cabin someplace where we can go antiquing or shopping and near good food. It is sort of a grown-up slumber party. We have been doing this for over 15 years. It really helps the soul--even for those of us who have no small children!

Kate said...

Hey Cathy,

Will you please e-mail me the pictures from our night out? They are great.

Love ya,