Monday, July 14, 2008

Today is a special day!


Today is Matt's 35th birthday! We wanted to make a special post in tribute to the wonderful husband and Daddy that he is! He is the most amazing and thoughtful man in the world. He works so hard for us. He is always there for us when we need him. He is the BEST Daddy to Lily and always comes home to play with her and do special things with her.

So, Matt-Daddy ~ Thank you for everything that you do for us!

Our day is rather busy with Matt working of course and a house showing this evening so I am busy cleaning once again. Needless to say there won't be too much celebrating today. We did celebrate last night though. Lily and I made a special "Lily safe" cake for him while he was at his basketball game. We had a little party and sang Happy Birthday after dinner. Lily LOVED it! She was running around hugging Daddy saying "It's your birthday Daddy!!" So cute. She was really excited over it!
Here are some pictures of last night.

Mixing up the cake

Taste test of the icing

Singing "Happy Birthday"!

Eating cake!! YUM!! This is Lily safe - for those who don't know, Lily has a milk allergy so it is hard to find yummy kinds of treats that are safe for her!!

And finally a kiss from the birthday boy!!

It was a fun night. Daddy - we hope you are having a happy birthday!! See you tonight!

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Caren said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt. Hope you're doing well.

I love the pictures of Lily and the cake sure looked yummy!