Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do you believe in signs?

"SIGNS" - like signs from heaven? I do and I have a pretty cool story to share. I think Daddy and Caren will appreciate this one. I think they believe in this kind of stuff too!

As you read in the previous post about my running, my Mom passed away in December. I know she is here watching over us, protecting us and especially seeing all that her grandchildren are doing. At least I WANT to really believe this. I feel like I am always searching for something that will help me feel this even stronger. Well the other day I had a sign and I just felt it was from her. The feeling that came over me was actually pretty freaky.

It was Friday. Lily and I were about to get in the car to drive around with the kitty cats. We had a showing of our house scheduled and I had cleaned and scrubbed all morning. I got the last cat in the car and rushed in to get Lily. She stood up and said "Look Mommy a butterfly!" I looked out on my deck and there was a beautiful yellow and black monarch butterfly flying all around my flower box. I have NEVER seen one there before in the 10 years that we have been living here. I just got this feeling inside and I KNEW it was my Mom...I just felt it. I said to Lily "It's a sign, it's a sign from Grammy". It just kept flying around and around. It did not go away. Lily and I watched it for a while and I managed to get a picture with my tiny camera. (I was bummed I didn't have my good Nikon - it was in the car.) Anyway I was so glad I got the photo.

It was the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. Like I said before, a feeling just came over me. Of course I started crying. I thought -- this is the sign that this showing is going to be the one. I got very sad when I got home and realized that the people didn't even show up for the darn showing! I was so mad. BUT - I still believe that it was a sign. A sign that things are OK and that it is all going to work out for us. And especially that Mommy is safe and watching over us - everything is going to be OK for all of us.

I did some reading on the internet about signs from heaven. Of course one of the big ones is butterflies.

So that is my story. I don't usually pay too much attention to stuff like this but there was something special about this butterfly....something REALLY special.


Caren said...

Really sweet and that's a beautiful picture even without the Nikon. Just so you know, that's a swallowtail butterfly, not a monarch. I only know because of "Cookie" remember him? I did a lot of research back then.

Cool sign though, I'll have to look at your link when I'm not so teary.

Cathy said...

Oops! yes I see that. I meant to do my research before I posted and forgot! Thanks! Swallowtail butterfly!

Michele said...

That is really sweet. Several times I've seen robins that I swore were my grandmothers keeping watch over me. So, I know that feeling well. Also, we did have several no shows last year when we were trying to sell our house. Very, very maddening!