Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This one's for you Daddy!

I really should say this is for Daddy and Caren!

CORN! My family has always had an obsession with it. Really, growing up my Dad is the one who always had the obsession. However, my sister has recently taken a liking to a certain Amish man near her town. Check out her blog. This is a funny letter to the Amish man from her blog. You can also read other letters and a whole post with some info about the Amish culture!

Anyway - I can vividly remember every summer our Dad counting down the days until the "good corn" was ready. Now, not just corn but corn-on-the-cob of course. Corn with lots of butter, salt and pepper! We would eat it literally every night with whatever dinner was that evening. My Dad would eat a record number of ears at every meal. I am talking like 5, 6, 7 and sometimes 8! It was always just a thing in our house. Until this day we all still have a passion for corn on the cob in the summer - but really who doesn't!!??

Today while Lily and I were on an adventure driving with the cats we stopped at a local stand near our new house. We purchased some corn for our dinner tonight. I decided to make it something fun for Lily. We brought the corn home and took it outside to husk it and then in to wash it. She was very excited about the project.

Here she is attempting to husk the corn. Look at the way she will barely touch it and check out the disgusted face in the 2nd picture! My little girly-girl didn't want to get her hands dirty I guess! She said "Mommy you do it!".

OK! So Mommy husked it while Lily watched and now it is OK to touch it!

Washing it up. This was the most exciting part. She loves to do anything in the kitchen that involves cooking and standing on the chair to reach the sink or counter!
Our corn is all washed and ready to be cooked for dinner tonight. NO - it isn't "Amish man" corn Caren. I am very sorry. Please don't tell him. This is just corn from NJ so we will see how it is. I will let you know!
So our little project of husking and getting the corn ready proved to be fun and eventful for Lily! Long live the corn on the cob tradition in our silly family!

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Caren said...

Adorable! The Son will get right in there and rip those husks off! What a difference with boys and girls.

I hope your corn's as good as mine always is. It probably won't be quite as good since it isn't Amish...they grow it better here you know!