Monday, July 7, 2008

Progress 2

I figured I will try to do a weekly post on the house progress on Monday's. They work all week and on weekends also. They didn't work this weekend though because of the holiday. The pictures below are the progress as of Thursday, July 3rd. Matt will be taking a drive there on his way home from work today to see what they have done today. It is getting so exciting now that it is actually a real house on the lot and not just a dug out hole in the ground!!

It looks like the framing should be complete by early this week and then the roof shingles will go on and the windows will go in! It is taking shape!!

We went out this weekend and starting looking at furniture to furnish this large house!! It was fun but overwhelming at the same time. We had great luck at Mealey's and Gamburg's in Hatboro. The new Mealey's in Warminster is VERY nice if anyone is in the need for new furniture. They had a very nice selection. While you are browsing/shopping they even have "cars" that the kids can ride in (like a car shaped stroller) and a play area! It was a hit with us. It looks like we will be going back there to order some things in the future!

Thanks for looking at the house progress!

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Darlene said...

Oooooo that looks like it is going to be a beautiful house. We have a small one and oh, boy would I like something like that!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures as it is coming along!!