Wednesday, July 9, 2008

These are a few of My Favorite Things

So I am sitting here at my computer and trying to think of something clever, fun and creative to blog about. What DO you blog about when you can't think of anything?? I decided I would do a My Favorite Things segment when I am at a loss! I will tell you some things that I love and then you can comment back with your favorite things!! (hint, hint...can you see I am fishing for some comments from all of you who are reading and not commenting!???!)

Today will be some favorite foods.

I am definitely not a food connoisseur. Those who know me well know that I am a plain and simple kind of eater. I really do not care for fancy elegant dining or gourmet types of food. If I eat out it will most likely be something plain or many things on the side. No sauces (except barbecue) or cheese for me. I know - you are all probably saying "how boring!". But that is just how I am. I do however really love to eat and I have some fun, simple favorites that you can just never go wrong with!!

1st - chicken fingers or just plain old chicken

When I go out to a casual restaurant most likely I will order some type of chicken - either chicken fingers or a grilled chicken sandwich - plain!! (Can you please remove the lettuce and tomato on the one pictured above??)

But you have to have them with my next favorite....

FRENCH FRIES! Yum! They are the best any way you get them!

Another favorite is pizza!

Those are probably my top meal time foods - pretty exciting, huh? But, you can't have them without some dessert. I will take either CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - (hot and fresh out of the oven are the best) or BROWNIES!! Who could go wrong with either of these??
(No nuts in either of these please, just plain!!)

So there you have it, my favorite foods. I know a lot of you are probably thinking I am the oddest, most boring person - really I'm not! These are just the things I love to eat. I really do TRY new things I just don't like them. I'm not really sure why. I just have simple taste buds I guess!!??

Thanks for reading my first installment of My Favorite Things.
So, what are some other favorite foods out there??!


Caren said...

Please! You are the most boring eater I've even known. It's sad really that you can't enjoy the many varieties of food out there like I do, it probably also explains why you're the skinny one and I'm the...well, never mind.

Anyway, the way to get traffic to your blog is to visit other blogs and make sure to leave comments on them, those people will then check you out and will start to read your stuff. You can start with the ones I have listed on my blog roll, they're good!

Daddy never comments, don't hold your breath for that one! ha ha!

Cathy said...

Oh I know. I have been visiting and commenting but still nothing. I am going to Daddy's tomorrow and I will teach him how to comment. He said he can't figure it out but I will help him.

Lysa said...

Keep up the good work.