Thursday, July 10, 2008

ONE of the reasons we need a bigger house....

In November we will be moving to our much bigger, brand new house. We have been in our current townhouse since April of 1999. It has been a great place to live. We started here as a newly married couple with one little gray kitty cat. Our first house together as a family. Then our family grew and we adopted 3 more cute kitty cats. Then in 2005 we had the introduction of our newest family member, Lily. Even before Lily was born we knew we soon needed to move to something bigger. We knew that we wouldn't be able to move to our dream house until Matt was completely finished his Fellowship and secure in a new job. So, that time has come and we are ready! Until this time we had to do what we could with the space that we had. I think we did a great job and we are all very happy in this small little townhouse but ready for some more space.

Here is an example
Yes!! That is our daughter getting a bath in a blow up tub in our shower stall. HA HA!!
You see we DO have two bathrooms but the other is used to house litter boxes for the 4 crazy cats we have in this house!! The bath tub in that bathroom is the only place for the litter boxes so they will be out of the way and not make too much of a mess.

Lily got a bath in the baby tub in the kitchen sink until she was about 18 months old. Then I came up with this genius idea and it has worked!! She really does fit and I think she will just be about ready to grow out of it by November!! We are super excited because Lily will have her very own bathroom attached to her bedroom at our new house! I have already started thinking about how I will decorate it!! I want it to be special for her. (You will see that in a future post! I hope to have many more decorating posts when I finally have a house to decorate!)

Here are a few more pictures of her in her bathtub! I couldn't resist because she posed and smiled so nicely.

And a final one of her playing in her bath! See...she really can play and have fun in this bath!

Today I will leave you with two pictures of our cute little townhouse. It really has been home for us over these past several years. We have so many great memories here. The best memory being the second picture ~ the day we brought Lily home. We are ready close this chapter and move on to bigger and better things!! :)


Running Jen said...

Hi! Found your blog through Caren's. I'm enjoying reading it, your little girl is just adorable, and your new house looks like it's coming along great!

Darlene said...

What a great idea for your little girl. Can't wait to see when you get to start decorating your new home.

Caren said...

So stinking cute that girl is! This post is hilarious to me! I always knew you do this but to see actually see it is the best!

Love you guys!