Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do YOU like spiral staircases?

Well, the second showing of our townhouse proved to be pretty successful. The woman interested has 16 homes she is looking at and ours is her #1! WOO HOO! The only drawback is that she is a 72 year old woman and she is unsure of the spiral staircase. It is definitely understandable but Matt and I just had to laugh. The spiral staircase was the one big thing we thought we had going for us!! It is really different and gives the place character.
Don't you think??

Anyway, she is contemplating having regular stairs put in. We are actually surprised that she loves our place so much. I mean it IS a really nice place but it doesn't seem like the type of home an older person would be looking for. We would be happy to have her buy it though even though it would be sad to think of the spiral stairs going bye, bye!! Oh well! She is also from out of town so fine with the fact that she wouldn't be able to move in until November.

It seems like things may just be falling into place for us. STILL - I am not getting my hopes up just yet! More updates to follow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


Caren said...

Yes, I do like spiral staircases but I'd also like selling my house so it wouldn't be that big of a deal I suppose. Good luck. I hope she takes it!

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