Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick weekend update

I know, I know, I have been very bad about updating this weekend. It has just been so hectic.
Matt finally had a weekend off. It was sooo nice to have him home. We had a nice weekend.

Friday night we had both of our Dads over for dinner. Grandpa and Pop-pop! Lily had a ball as she always does when she sees either of them! We grilled burgers and dogs and had corn! It was quite yummy!

Saturday we spent cleaning up a bit for a showing and then we headed to the pool. Lily had fun at the pool as usual. We also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! YES! 11 years! Can you believe it? We had a fun day all together and after Lily went to bed we ordered some Olive Garden in and enjoyed a quiet dinner.

Sunday we took a look at some more furniture stores and then got ready for a showing again. The furniture shopping was fun but deciding how to furnish our new house is an overwhelming task. I just don't know what to pick. We do have some good ideas though. I plan to have many more decorating posts in the near future!

So a total of 5 showings over the past 3 days. No news on anything yet but we are hoping this week may bring some good news. We will see.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a NEW house update!!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary! 11 years...WOW!
Great about all of the showings.
Something will happen soon.
See you tomorrow night!