Saturday, July 5, 2008


Recently Matt and I decided to buy ourselves a new camera. We both have been wanting to get more into photography. We are always taking pictures of Lily and found that it was so hard to get a good shot of her because she is always on the move. We looked into Digital SLR cameras and decided that was a great way to go. We bought the Nikon D40. It is a great camera and has been exactly what we were looking for. I have been trying to read a little more and do some serious photography research but I haven't gotten too far. On the other hand, Matt has been doing awesome. He of course didn't have to read much of anything - he is just a natural!! He was inspired to get out and take a bunch of scenic photos when he volunteered to do the new website for his practice. He went out many early mornings and later afternoons when the lighting was just perfect and got some really wonderful shots. I have to say I am highly impressed with his work! We are hoping to blow some up and frame them for our new house. All of the pictures were taken in Bucks County, most of them near our new neighborhood. It is just beautiful in this whole area.

Here are some of my favorites.

You can also see some of these pictures and others on the Bucks County GI website that he was in charge of getting together. It looks great. There are some "stock" photos also that he did not take (all of the ones with the generic people in them) but he took all of the other ones.

So I am sure there will be many future endeavors for both of us in the world of photography. I am hoping to get better and better also. Until then I will keep my SLR camera set on Auto and just keep shooting! :)

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Caren said...

Wow. Really beautiful. Is there anything that husband ISN'T good at? I especially love the one of the flag.

Those pictures make me want a better camera. Boo.