Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sesame Place Fun!

We are very fortunate to live only about 30 minutes away from a really great place called Sesame Place. It is a theme park geared towards children, based on the beloved television show Sesame Street. The park opened in 1980 and since then our family has had many great memories of the park. Growing up I can remember the summer it opened running around chanting with our cousins "Let's go to Sesame Place, Let's go to Sesame Place!!". Of course our fun parents took us there and we thought it was the coolest thing. Then, when my sister turned 16 she started working there, in the Operations department. What could be cooler than that!!?? Finally, when I turned 16 I got a job there as well. I started out working in the "Ops" department which was where you worked the rides in the dry area and at the top of the water slides. The following summer I auditioned to be a dancer and got the job! I was so excited. I danced as many of the characters in the shows and also became a Dance Captain and then Supervisor. I worked there a total of 8 years! It was really the greatest place to have a summer job. You made so many wonderful friends and there were always fun events planned for the employees after hours. I have so many great memories of summers working there!

So, of course times change and now the wonderful memories I make at Sesame Place are with my daughter. Lily and I have season passes and we try to get there about once every other week or so. She absolutely loves it and it is a special treat for her to go. We took a trip today since we finally had a free day. I thought I would share some pictures of our trips there from over the past couple of months.

Here we are today! One of her favorite things at the park is Big Bird's Nest. It is just a soft area with lots of soft blocks for the little kids to run around in. She loves it!

Another favorite thing for Lily is the characters. She really loves them. I was very surprised last summer when she went right up to them and hugged them! Here she is today with my absolute favorite, The Count! (I spent most of my hot summer days dancing as him!!)

A hug for Zoe. This pictures was taken in May when we were there for the big opening day for season pass holders.

Riding the Sunny Day Carousel. This picture was taken on a weekend in June when Matt got to come with us!

Lily loves the shows and the parade ~
Dancing at the show!

Waving at the parade!

Pop-pop came with us for the opening day in May!

And finally, they often have special events scheduled throughout the summer and fall. Here we got to meet Bob McGrath from Sesame Street. He did a mini concert and signed CDs. It was really neat and now Lily has an infatuation for Bob. We listen to his CD ALL - THE - TIME!!

So you can see we have many fond memories from this park!! It is so neat to remember the old times working there but now to see it through a child's eyes...it really is a special thing!


myska said...

Looks like fun! The Count is my favorite as well! I had a video featuring him at my old library. I have an Oscar the Grouch puppet who helps me review library rules!

Caren said...

Ahhhhh, the memories. Looks like you guys still have fun there. I have to bring The Son sometime soon. Hope you can come too!

Darlene said...

Lily will have soooo many great memories of the Sesame Street Park. That looks like a fabulous place!!