Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favorite Things - Part 2

Things on the blog may be a little slow this week due to A LOT of house showings. We had one on Monday, one today and there will be one tomorrow. I have been doing a lot of cleaning AND a lot of driving with kitty cats in the back of the SUV. I finally have a chance to sit down and blog for all of my readers! (SO many that I have!)

Another segment in the Favorite Things posts. Today I will tell you about a favorite hobby of mine - scrapbooking!! I started scrapbooking right after our honeymoon 11 years ago and since then I have completed dozens of albums. I really love it. It is such a nice way to take your memories and make them extra special. Unfortunately I have not had much time to scrap lately since I had to pack up all of my stuff to declutter the house! That is one thing that is fun about scrapbooking - all of the STUFF that goes along with it and shopping for all of that stuff! There are so many cool products out there for scrapping - fancy papers, stickers, ribbon, letters, scissors...etc etc!

Last February I had the chance to go on my first "Crop Weekend". It was a blast. A crop is where a bunch of people get together with all of their stuff and just scrap and talk. I went on a weekend away with my fun sister, Caren. We had a blast! We stayed at a retreat center where they had one huge room for us to crop. They provided us with lodging (kind of like a hotel) and 3 meals a day. We got a lot of scrapping done but also laughed a lot and were very silly. I am so excited to do it again this coming winter. Caren and I have decided to make it an annual get-away/Sister weekend. No - it isn't some fancy resort or a Caribbean cruise but we love to scrap and we had a ball!

Here are some pictures from that weekend back in February

A picture of the room where we spent our time scrapping

Caren and Jen - she is a friend of Caren who told us about this fun weekend!

Me working on my pages

OK - this is the cart with all of our STUFF on it! I told you it was a lot!

And finally - one of the scrapping Sisters!

So there you have it! A little about my favorite hobby - Scrapbooking! If you haven't already tried it, take a look at your local Michael's or AC Moore for all of the great products they have there to preserve your memories! Once you start you will become addicted! I promise!!


Caren said...

Cute! I'll be linking this for tomorrow's post on my blog. I'm tired and we have a field trip to hell, I mean Killen's Pond tomorrow, not much time for blogging.

myska said...

I am a scrapbooker too and have enjoyed crops with groups! I have done a few weekend trips, but my favorites are the ones my friends and I put together at our own houses. We get to really relax and share the hostessing duties. Thanks for sharing!

Shakirra said...

Hi Cathy,
It's me, Shakirra. Wow! I knew you guys were serious, but to see it all on one cart is just fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cathy,
My name is Mary, and I am from Texas. I have enjoyed reading your blog! You have a thousand blessings in your life!
Since you love to scrapbook so much, I was wondering if you have ever heard of Creative Memories? This is a home scrapbooking business. I have been doing it for 5 years has brough me immeasurable joy. Anyway, here is my website. You work it as little or as much as you want....I keep my family first, if that makes any sense. Period. I am also a PE teacher. A lot of our consultants are teacher or former teachers. Anyway, you buy your own supplies at cost! If I can help you in any way, shopping or a home business, I would be honored to. My website is
God bless always, Mary

Cathy said...

thanks Mary! Glad you are enjoying my blog. I do plan to have many more scrapping and craft things posted once I get this darn house sold!

I am very familiar with Creative Memories. The crop my sister and I went to was through Creative Memories. I have a couple of friends that do it. I like their products!