Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Not too much progress on the selling of our current house but A LOT of progress on the building of our new one! We are super excited and have been going everyday to get pictures. They started framing on June 21st and since then they have been working just about everyday. We have gotten some really good pictures. I think we have been a little naughty with the fact that we have been walking through it (especially with our 2 year old) but it has been so much fun! Lily has been an angel when we have been there, holding our hand and listening well. We haven't gotten caught yet! The house is looking amazing and as we are walking through it we are just saying to each other "I can't believe this is going to be ours!". We are super excited and so happy!!
Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

Front of the house


Lily in her construction boots. I bought these at K Mart for $5 at the end of the winter just for this reason!

Lily in the fireplace - I know bad, but the memories are so precious and the scrapbook will be sooo good!! hee hee

In the pantry

In the living room with Daddy

In the family room

Since these were taken they have finished the second floor and started putting the roof on. I will probably update the blog about once a week with photos of the progress.
We can't wait for it to be done! We especially can't wait to have all of our family and friends over and actually be able to be the hosts for once!!

Thanks for looking!

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