Thursday, July 24, 2008

House selling update/New house update!

This week has definitely proven to be more successful in the house showing department than last week. Last week was a total bust with Thursday, Friday and Saturday all being no-shows. Boy was I mad! No phone calls to cancel or anything. Anyway, this week we have had 5 showings and 2 more tomorrow. Out of those 5 so far this week there are at least 2 people very interested. Our realtor said we should be very happy that we have had so much interest. There are many homes out there that no-one is even interested in seeing. We are thrilled. It seems that something is going to work out sooner than later. All of the feedback has been completely positive so we must just keep doing what we are doing.

And some VERY exciting news - we found out our "Official Settlement Date" for our new home. It will be November 3rd!! That just happens to be Lily's 3rd birthday. I wasn't too sure at first but I decided we can make it really special. I think we will go to the house that night and have a "picnic" (we won't have furniture in there yet) and cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday. I also want to plan to have a special new toy in her very own playroom!! She is soooo excited about her own playroom so I think this will be extra special for her. What a great birthday present, huh?? A brand new house with a PLAYROOM!!!


Caren said...

Sounds great! I'm sure your girl's birthday closing will work out far better than MY birthday closing did...or didn't as the case may be!

Hope you get an offer on the house soon so St. Joseph can move to a flower box in the city!

amy said...

Hi Cathy- (of course I remember you- thanks for the lovely Maine pix comment!)

It's great to read your blog and catch up on the exciting events in your life. Lily is SUCH a gorgeous big girl now I can hardly believe it. Are you guys moving closer to Caren's house? Hope so. Your new house looks so spacious and beautiful already...I dream of closets these days.

It's funny, we just ordered the D40- I'm glad you like yours- hopefully it's not too intimidating. I'm definitely sticking to the "auto" setting for awhile. Can't wait to see how much our family pictures will improve! If we can get anywhere near the quality of Lily & Pop-Pop's bubble pictures (how cute!) it will all be worth it. Take care!