Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How my day started off.....

Today I saw once again how very true the title to my blog is.

I woke up early to get showered and have a quiet breakfast. Lily woke up at about 8:15 and immediately started singing "Your face, your face, no one has your face" in her crib. (This is from her favorite "Bob" CD.) I went in to get her and told her we needed to take a little walk to mail a letter at the mailbox. (hey Caren - it was the check for our scrapbooking weekend! YAY!)

So, Lily was VERY excited to get dressed and take our walk. The mailboxes are just around the corner from our townhouse, it is about a 2 minute walk. We got her dressed and set out to go. Lily carried the letter. She held my hand the whole way. The whole time she was saying "this is fun walking to the mailbox Mommy". We got to the mailbox, she put the letter in the slot and we walked back. Walking back holding my hand she looked up at me and said "Mommy.....I love you". Could you just melt? I could, especially with that sweet face looking up at me. We got back to the house and she kept repeating how much fun she had walking to the mailbox...just the simplest, silliest thing was so important and FUN to her! I love it!

Later after breakfast we decided to go outside and water the flowers. Another simple everyday task that is so exciting for our little 2 1/2 year old. I watched her as she watered and marveled in the excitement of holding the watering can!!! :)

After our watering we headed back inside to eat lunch and head to the pool. I thought about what a great day it was so far and reminded myself that I have to remember these little things when I am having a not so great day. They are really what life is all about and I am taking in every precious moment with this little girl because she is oh so quickly becoming a BIG girl!!

Tonight we will be heading to Rita's to meet some very good friends for some water ice. Ahhhh water ice, another "little thing" that makes Lily so happy! We also worked on a little project to send to a very special Cousin/Nephew. Tomorrow we will have to make another trip to the mailbox to mail our letter!!


Caren said...

How sweet! I was going to suggest a project to send to The Nephew, I know he LOVES getting mail. Cute post sis, she's getting so big I teared up!

I'm going to announce your blog on my blog tonight, I've been so busy I don't know what to post about. That will give people who come to me, something to read at least!

Cathy said...

that would be great. I really need some traffic on my blog as it seems it is only you and Daddy reading and only YOU commenting. I wish more people would comment. Maybe your pals will get my blog a movin'!


Darlene said...

I came from Caren's blog to see yours. Your daughter is ADORABLE and what a helper with those plants!!! Cute, Cute pictures!! They do grow up so quickly.

Cathy said...

thanks Darlene for coming on over and commenting!