Monday, July 21, 2008

Progress 4

WOW!! They really did a lot in the last week! I have 9 pictures to share because there are some really great changes!

First of all on Monday we had WINDOWS!!! Awesome! I was there during the afternoon so the men were still working.

Here is a view of the back of the house windows. They put them all in except for the one above the fireplace in the family room. Not sure why.

So that was Monday. No action on Tuesday or Wednesday. I got there Thursday afternoon and they had done all of this in one day. They set-up the roof to be started and completed the whole back of the house roof. Here is the front view.

And the back is done!

On Saturday we went together and the whole roof was done! We were so excited. We went inside and took some pictures with Lily.

Another view of the family room now with the windows. They put in the fireplace.

Lily and Daddy in Lily's room!

Lily and Mommy in our master bath.

And finally Lily in front of the fireplace. Remember the one of Lily IN the fireplace from the first Progress update??

Some pretty exciting changes! Next step is to start all of the electrical inside. They will also soon start the outside facade - stone and stucco. That will be so neat to see!

Thanks for looking! More to come!


Caren said...

Looking really good! I'm beginning to think my house is old now! LMAO!

myska said...

That is AWESOME! So where is the scrapbook room?

Cathy said...

oh myska - there WILL be a scrap/craft room. :) That will come in time in the finished basement!!