Monday, July 14, 2008

Progress 3

Since it is Monday I will do a quick post with this past weeks progress of the house! It is going well and looking so great!!

FRONT VIEW. All framed and ready for the next step - windows and roof shingles!

Cool view of our soon-to-be front porch

Stairs going down to the basement

Back staircase in the family room. The main stairs in the foyer are not up yet but we were so excited to see these stairs. WOW!! It was incredible to see the upstairs!

View from the top of the back stairs - looking into the family room.

And a view of our bathtub in our master bath!! YAY!!
Stay tuned for more and more updates!! Thanks for looking!


Darlene said...

WOW...that is going to be SOME house!!! Look at all those windows! Keep those pictures coming.

Running Jen said...

Looks amazing! Yes, definitely keep those pictures coming!

Will you be living close to Caren?

Raquel said...

oh my how beautiful! I love all the windows!!!!!