Monday, August 18, 2008

Progress 8

Exciting changes this past week!! It is looking good. They did the stucco and started the stone. We also have walls inside. Matt was able to go in one day and get some good pictures of the inside. When I went by today they are just finishing up the stone. We met with a painter (for the interior) on Saturday and that went well. We have been busy looking at colors. It really is hard to choose! So much to do!!

Here are the pictures from the progress this week.
A good shot of the side/back of the house so you can see the stucco.

And the other side/front. The molding above the windows will be a darker tan color when painted.

Inside - some walls!! The family room.

In the living room looking into the dining room.

The beginning of the stone.

Earlier in the week.

Friday - the stone is getting there!!

And this was today when they were working. Almost to the top!

So there are the changes for this week. Thanks for checking back to see our progress. We are very excited. Just about 2 1/2 months left!!

If you haven't already had a chance check out my post from Friday about my ALTERED CLOCK project. My sister, CityMomma/Country Momma, says I should submit it to Tip Junkie. I am not really sure what that is or how to do it but I will look into it!!

Have a good week everyone! I hope to be back with some fun posts this week.


Caren said...

Looking really good! I'm getting so excited for you.

Debbie said...

Thank you for visiting the other day, so nice to meet you!

What a lovely home! I love all the windows and I know how anxcious you must be as you start to sprint for the finish line! I can't wait to see it all finished as it is so gorgeous already!

I'm feeling a bit anxcious myself as we too are building. However, you are a lot further along than we are. We're still in the planning stages and hoping to break ground soon. I can't wait!

Marie said...

Whaaat? Caren is your sister? I had no idea! :o) Your house is HUUUUGE. It's beautiful already!