Sunday, August 3, 2008

Furniture Fun weekend!

What a great weekend we had together. Matt didn't have to work at the hospital so that was absolutely wonderful. He did play a gig last night but that was later so we were home for the night anyway. We were very busy the whole weekend and we got a lot done. Unfortunately we weren't busy cleaning this house for any showings. Still none. It has been a week. I am not getting worried yet because I know August is a busy vacation month. I am hoping all of the people interested in our house are at the shore and there will be a bite soon!!

So, back to the fun stuff. We decided to get some furniture shopping done this weekend since we had our days free. We first went to a model home that is the same model that we will be getting to get some exact measurements. It is really a treat when we go here because Lily thinks it is the coolest thing to be able to walk around this house. She was a good girl and helped us measure things with the tape measure. (I have to include pictures because Matt says the posts are so much better with pictures....too bad he isn't commenting on any of them!)

Notice Lily measuring in the bottom right corner!

Helping Daddy in the kitchen

OK - now of course we tell her not to climb on the furniture and not to touch anything in the very decorated house. She listened pretty well yesterday. However, she is still a 2 year old and doesn't listen to everything we say!! HA HA! I had to snap her picture when I saw her doing this....she got down right away, don't worry.

After the measurements and a stop for lunch we headed to Raymour and Flanigan. We had a very helpful salesman and found all of the furniture that we want for our family room. Because of the layout of the room we are going to go with a sofa, love seat and an accent chair. We also liked a coffee table and sofa table from this store. Here is a picture of the sofa and the love seat. The pictures are kind of blah but they are really nice. The color is called "olive" but it really isn't that green. It is very neutral when you see it in person. I think it looks very green in the photos.

Very comfy too. We also picked out an accent chair in a floral pattern. It is red and neutral tones as well. It is more of a country feel because that is the kind of decorating I like. I was surprised Matt agreed to it but he actually liked it a lot. Here is the pattern but not this chair.
I want RED as an accent color in my downstairs decorating. I may even paint a wall red in our dining room. Not sure of that yet. I am planning on using some of the photographs Matt has taken (red barn, red, white and blue flag) for the family room also. I want it to have a cozy, country feel but not over the top country! More to come on that.

On to the DINING ROOM. Today we went to a local furniture store near us called Gamburg's. We found our dining room set that we really love and an entertainment center for the family room.
First the Entertainment Center. This was taken in the store.

And back to the dining is the Hutch/Buffet whatever you want to call it!
Also - those friends/readers that I had asked about the Credenza in the brown wood - We found out it DOES come in black so I am super excited. I think it would have looked good in either wood but I am happy with the black. Here are a couple of other pictures of the dining room furniture.

The table.
The bottom of the Hutch.

And the Wine Credenza which will also be in black.
This whole dining room set is really pretty and BIG so I think it will look very nice in that room. I am super excited. Now we have to plan a dinner party!!

OK - so if you got this far I am sure I bored a bunch of you with all of my furniture talk. I am just excited about it and wanted to share. I know there are some of you out there that will be excited to see it!! :)

Much more to come on the decorating of the new house! So much fun! Thanks for looking!


Darlene said...

That is some beautiful furniture and will look gorgeous in your new home....can't wait till it is finished and you start showing us the decorated house. I think I might say the same thing every time I give you a comment....sorry but I really love looking at how your house is coming along.

Caren said...

It looks great sissy! I really love what you chose. It's going to be beautiful. The Lil looks adorable in that picture, she looks so teeny on that giant bed. Cutie!

Glad you guys enjoyed your weekend.

Cathy said...

Thanks girls! I am glad you liked what we picked. Darlene - I am glad you enjoy looking at my house updates!! :)

Anonymous said...

I see you selected the Fresno Sofa and loveseat from Raymour. Enjoy.


Raymour & Flanigan
New York

Marie said...

I am GA-GA over the furniture you chose for your new house. The chairs with that beautiful dining table are SO pretty! I love your taste!!

Deb said...

Love the furniture you chose. Can't wait to see how it will all look in the new house. By the way, that house looks huge. You are going to have so much fun decorating it, I'm sure.