Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have been a Blog slacker!

Sorry all! I just have not had much time to sit down and write anything creative lately. It has been a busy week. We had a little bit of action here on the selling of our house so that is good news. We had two showings on Tuesday so I spent much of my day cleaning and getting all of us out of the house.

I had a wonderful girls night out on Tuesday evening. We just went to dinner and talked and talked. It is always so good getting together with my friends. As I said before, it is like therapy for Moms.

Yesterday Lily and I took a trip to her school to give the Nurse some of the medications she needs in case of any allergic reactions. Lily certainly LOVES going to her school. Just two weeks and she will be officially starting. I don't know how she will be feeling when I drop her off and leave but she has been Miss Social Butterfly with all of the teachers and staff. It will be neat to see how she does. We had "Meet the Teacher" night last week and she loved it. She went running into her classroom in amazement that they had a play kitchen. We got to play a little bit, meet her teacher and other classmates, go to the playground and get her book bag! Exciting. It was all a big hit for her!

Here is a picture of her checking out the kitchen.

And when we got home holding her new schoolbag!
Today we spent the morning at Sesame Place and had such a great time. We saw all the shows, did some rides, had lunch and watched the Parade. Such a fun day!!

So as you can see our week has been busy. Matt is on-call the whole holiday weekend so I am not sure what we will have planned. I hope to have some time to post those Beach Day pictures soon!

Lily is now sound asleep and I got an extra bonus today...Matt is home early so I am off to the gym!! YAY!

Again - I hope you are all enjoying the final days of summer. Just one official summer weekend left!! Have fun everyone!


Caren said...

It's OK, everyone's a blogslacker now and again.

My Girl is looking cute as always! Can't wait to hear how she loves her school.

Kate said...

I am sure you already have her first day of school outfit picked out. I can't wait to see those pics! Bobby's orientation is Thursday. I will let you know how it goes!!