Friday, August 8, 2008

Have you seen this?

I think I may have found a new addiction today. I know a lot of my family and friends who read the blog are interested in scrapbooking so I had to show you what I found. Some of you may have heard of it but IT IS COOL! After a frustrating 30 minutes of trying to get it to work I found out how easy it is...and how addicting I think it could be. Check out SCRAPBLOG! And check out this too.

This is what I made today. It is VERY basic because I am running out of free time here during Lily's nap. But isn't it too cute? I think I made it in a total of 3 minutes.

Scrapblog is a very cool site where you can do digital scrapbooking and it is all totally free. They have a huge assortment of background papers and embellishments. You can upload your pictures from your own computer or a site like Photobucket. You can also export your image if you would want to print it to make an album. Also - there is a way you can send links to family and friends in an e-mail for them to view them online. So you could essentially do a whole scrapbook and have family across the country view it on the computer. Pretty neat stuff! You can also view other peoples pages, make comments and they can view yours if you wish!

I am happy with my find today and I think I will be going back again. I still will always be partial to the traditional real paper and tape runner scrapbooking but this is fun when you don't want to get all of your stuff out!! If you check it out I had trouble at first with the display on my computer screen but it was an easy fix.

Check it out and let me know if you make a page! Fun, fun stuff!


Marie said...

This may be the answer to my scrapbooking problems! Thanks for the link. ;o) The page you did is adorable!!

Caren said...

NO. FREAKING. WAY. I do not want another Internet addiction. You know I'll go there before the end of the day though, don't you?

I love what you made. The cousins look so cute frolicking in the water together!

michele said...

so cute! after pulling out all of my traditional scraping stuff last night, i might need to give this a try!! i always learn something new from you, cathy!!!!

Running Jen said...

That looks perfect for an uncreative gal like me! I have to check that out!