Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Friends!

Just a quick post today because I have been busy working on my project!! It is coming out pretty cute and I should be able to post about it tomorrow or Friday! Oh! And sorry Daddy - it isn't a patriotic shadow box but I really like your guess!! :)

Lily and I had a fun day today with our friends Kate and Bobby. We are very fortunate to have a lot of friends that have little ones around the same age. We try to get together as much as possible but it is sometimes difficult with all of our different schedules. Today we met up with Kate and her son Bobby. There is a nice playground we like to meet at because it is a half-way point between our two houses. After the playground we headed to the mall for lunch and then to ride the EXCITING rides! It is so cute to see how excited they get from the 50 cent rides! So adorable. Lily and Bobby have been playing together since birth and they have just really started to actually play together. Before this they really just played in the same room but now they are interacting, chasing each other and of course imitating what each other does. It is really neat to see.

Today after swinging and going up and down the stairs and slides Lily insisted on holding Bobby's hand on the way to the cars!

Here they are riding the rides at the mall!

Just so much fun!! We did have a very nice day. Thanks Kate and Bobby! Let's do it again sometime soon!


myska said...

How fun! They are too cute! Wouldn't it be fun if...well you get the idea! Save those shots for the wedding! LOL!

Kate said...

Wedding bells, huh? That would definitely be fine with me . . . . . after college and some career, at the very least!!!

Cathy, we would be in-laws - how cool!!