Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She's ALL Girl!!

Lily is a total girly-girl! I love it. As she gets a little older I can see more and more "girly" qualities emerging! One of her new favorite things to do is "Do make-up". She will sit in the bathroom with me while I do my make-up and take each piece of make-up out of the basket and pretend to put it on. It is our new morning ritual!!

She always is wanting to fill up and carry some sort of bag or purse. She loves to iron with her new ironing board and iron. She picked it out, she wanted it more than anything! She is always concerned with things matching. Today she says "I would like to use the purple cup Mommy, it matches my shirt."

She loves to play with her Baby doll. She is so good at taking care of her. She feeds her. Puts her down for her nap and covers her up. Lately she loves to take her Baby on a picnic. She pushes her in the stroller and pretends to go shopping at the mall.

She loves shopping! Yesterday at the mall she rode the carousel and then came running over to my good friend and me and said "Let's go shopping now!" Too cute.

I love it. I just envision when she is a teenager - shopping at the mall, having lunch, picking out a new outfit or dress for that special dance. These are some of the best memories I have of being with my Mom. I know it sounds silly but really it is. I can't wait to make those memories with her!

It seems she is growing up so quickly! That fun shopping time will be here before we even blink. I don't want it to come too soon though! Tonight we are going to "Meet the Teacher" at her school. SCHOOL!!?? Yes, I said school. I can't believe our baby is starting Pre-school. It should be an interesting adjustment for Lily and Mommy. I am thinking she will be really happy tonight when she gets her very first school bag to fill up and carry!!!


Caren said...

Good luck tonight! I cannot believe how big that girl is getting! Love you Lily!

Darlene said...

Lily is just adorable...(I think I always tell you that...but she is!!) and how exciting to have a little girl that actually likes to go shopping....mine doesn't she could really care less, of course, unless she is going into Claire's....then it is all about can't we stay a little longer? lol

The progress on your house is wonderful...I have total envy of you with that huge beautiful home. I love watching the progress.