Monday, September 8, 2008

Progress 11

Things are coming along nicely and I am still counting the days on my calendar. 57 to be exact!!

This week was pretty exciting. They finished the walkway and laid the driveway.

Here is the completed walkway to our front door.

I didn't get a picture of the completed driveway but here is a picture of them getting ready to pour it. (Not too exciting!!)

The excitement came when Matt realized Friday afternoon that the back door was unlocked! We all got to go in and see the work they have been doing on the inside. It was pretty neat to see. All of the cabinets are in in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Here are the kitchen cabinets.

The family room and fireplace.

Back staircase in the family room with the railing now!

Front staircase when you walk in the door.

The cabinets in our master bath.

Lily by the fireplace!

Mommy and Lily in the kitchen where the refrigerator will soon be.

Daddy and Lily by the sliding doors in the kitchen.

Front view at the end of the week. I think it pretty much looks the same as last week.

Thanks for looking. As you can see it is getting near the end! We have the painters hired and I am working on choosing colors. I am thinking about packing but don't want to start that until this house can sell. I guess if it gets to be too close in October I am just going to have to start and potential buyers will have to deal with a packed up house!

I had a funny feeling today thinking about how sad I am going to be when we leave our current house. I cannot wait to move but Matt and I both know we are going to be a bit sad. We have so many great memories in our little townhouse!! But it is definitely time to move on and make more memories.

Have a great week everyone!

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