Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today was a busy day

Therefore I have no Progress Update for you! Sorry! I promise to try hard tomorrow.

Lily and I headed out early and then I got a call for a showing of our house. I had to come home and straighten up, get the cats out, get out of the house....you know the drill. Anyway, when we got home from that Matt said he would have Daddy duty while I went to the gym to work on my running. I have to keep on top of it. I am getting faster! My first 5K is coming up in just 2 months. Take a look at my older post, I can run, to find out about my running and the upcoming race.) Today I ran the 3.1 miles in the fastest time I have yet - 31:59. I was proud of myself. For any serious runners out there I know it is not that fast but it is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I am looking forward to the run.

Tomorrow we have a "play date" at our good friends house. I am looking forward to that also. I know Lily will have a blast playing with all of her little friends.

Hope everyone had a good day. I hope to be back tomorrow to post a house update!

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Running Jen said...

Great job! You have to keep us posted on the 5K!