Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh what a week....

It has been a busy week and I think I have been "blog bored". (I don't know if that is a real phrase, I just made it up!) I have been really slacking and I apologize. I hope to get some posts in this week.

We did have a good week with Lily's first week of pre-school. Matt had the weekend off so we have been busy doing some fun things. Yesterday we hung out at Pop-pop's for a while. Lily always has fun at Pop-pop's house. After that we went to Sears and bought our new refrigerator for our new house. That was fun! Today we sort of just hung out, checked up on the progress of our new house and I just got back from grocery shopping alone!! That is always a pleasure to do by myself. I can actually get some shopping done in peace! :)

There has been no action at all on the selling of our house. I am getting discouraged and hoping that things work out. We will be having Open Houses the next two Sunday's. Here's hoping that brings along a potential buyer. This selling market just royally stinks!

I guess that is it for now. I hope everyone out there in Blogland had a nice week and a fun weekend. I will be back tomorrow with a house update.

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Caren said...

I've been bad with the blogging this week too. It's been a tough week with the CityFamily/CountryFamily so that's my excuse. NOW to top it all off, I have a cold. Blech! Anyway, I'm going to be a better blogger this week too. I'm going to pre-post up through Wednesday, that always helps me! ha ha!

Love ya Sissy!