Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Progress 10

I know you waited until WEDNESDAY to see my normal Monday progress post but there really isn't much to report anyway!! Not much has happened on the outside over the last week. They did a lot on the inside but no pictures to show of that unfortunately. They painted the whole house inside. (all painters white - BORING!) They started putting some doors on. The kitchen cabinets have arrived. They are still packed in their boxes in the garage. We are thinking the next step may be to install them and the moldings. We will probably be having a pre-flooring walk-through at some point this month so hopefully I can get some great pictures then.

They also put in the stairs outside leading from the back sliding doors in the kitchen.
We will be putting in a nice big deck at some point but that will probably have to wait at least a year. So for now this is what we have.

They also have started to put in the forms to lay the walk-way to our front door. That was pretty neat to see!

And here is a picture of the entire house. Pretty much looks the same as last week.

The countdown for today is - 61 days!! Getting closer. I really cannot wait!

Thanks for looking today!

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Blissful Nikki said...

What an amazingly beautiful home you will have!! I would love a home like this! :)